About Company
Agriculture is the foundation of civilization and any stable economy.
Soniz Agro offers agro inputs developed through bio-nano technology with an aim to Save Agriculture, Farmers & Environment (SAFE) in the interest of every people of this Planet. It brings cosmic revolution in agriculture, horticulture, forestry & gardening.

We ensure to provide organic plant protection, plant nutrition, soil protection & pest management inputs to overcome the following challenges facing by today’s agriculture industry worldwide
  • Food Security (Free from chemicals, heavy metals, toxicities & carcinogens agents)
  • Health Security (Through quality & nutritious production and ground water pollution free technology)
  • Resource Security (Improves soil health and irrigation saving)
  • Environment Security (global warming effects & air pollution free technology)
  • Livelihood security / Poverty alleviation (Income enhancement)

Soniz Agro is an agriculture revolution of Soniz Meditech Private Limited. It is a privately held subdivision of Soniz Group.

Soniz Group is a reputed and multinational conglomerate in diversified business activities. Soniz Group has started their journey by establishing in real-estate sector in late 1980s. Soniz Group operates in various business sectors such as healthcare, agriculture and real estate. Over the past two decades, Soniz Group enjoys one of the successful conglomerates believing in "Trust, Honesty & Integrity...Always".