At the core of our products is developed through bio-nano technology. NANO-Technology is one of the most promising newest technology of recent decade, which permit rapid advantages. Nanotechnology is managing of matter at a very small scale. Specifically, it is controlling matter at the atomic level. Nanotechnology refers to structures or matter that are one hundred nanometers large or smaller. Bio nanotechnology is the biological application of nanotechnology

We have used bio-nano technology during designing of bio-active substances, product formulation and production of our inputs for following purposes:

  • To reduces doze of our organic inputs during application.
  • To enhance yield potentiality of agri-produce / crops.
  • To boost nutritional value of agro-produce / crop-output.
  • To increase use efficiency of our organic inputs.
Special Features of Soniz Agro inputs
  • Technology designed for agriculture, horticulture, forestry & gardening.
  • Our products are designed to address current need of agriculture to provide 100% organic. They are suitable for every geographical situation, every type of soil, every botanical plant, every farming condition, every climatic zone and every category of farmer (small, marginal, medium & large).
  • All products are non-synthetic, non-contaminable, free from chemicals, free from carcinogens (cancer causing agents), free from mutagens (chemical agent that changes the genetic materials), and short/long term toxicities.
  • Free from air pollution and emission of green house gases, thus not causing any global warming effect, lung cancer and damage of respiratory system.
  • Free from presence of radioactive substances like Uranium-238, Dioxins, Thorium & other carcinogens, as present in chemical fertilizers, thus not causing any type of human cancer.